About Us

Greiner Technology & Innovation sets a special focus on the development, expansion and management of co-operations, organizations, markets, products and processes for the Greiner Group.

GTI evaluates innovative methods and companies, searches for trends and technologies and co-operates with partners involved in the development and advancement of ideas, concepts and inventions.

A special process allows a quick evaluation of co-operational opportunities. The concentration is kept to an assorted number. The creation of acceptance as well as the allocation of needed substantial and organisational requirements plays an important role within the GTI. It allows an optimized implementation of new products, services and processes.

Leveraging and improvement processes of existing technologies allow an increase of efficiency and effectiveness.

The drive of GTI is supported by the operational success of the existing companies. Greiner Technology & Innovation focus is also set on the management and strategic positioning as well as the allocation of holding services in form of a holding.

Business size

500+ employees


Commercial presence